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Searching for a suitable match can be time consuming . If you're tired of combing through the dating website sites over and over again, let EKA in Tuscaloosa, AL lend a hand. We'll help you find a better way using our efficient, broad-based networking services.

Even if you are not looking for love but just want someone to talk to. We can help you with that as well.

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We will will work with you on 4 Dimensions Of Wellness here in TUSCALOOSA, AL & coast to coast.

Excellence Keeps Accountability is our motto. We strive to create a better version of yourself and the 9 dimension of self is how we will help:

1. Spiritual
2. Physical
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4. Social
5. Entrepreneurial
6. Environmental
7. Financial
8. Intellectual
9. Inspirational

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What am I looking for?

From Anonymous

Looking for a woman age 28-38 black, Hispanic, Latino, 5'6 or 5'7 thick gotta car, job, goals, willing to build, supportive, family oriented, sense of humor, homebody, laid back, know God, not a loud mouth, not toxic, no kids or only 1 child, know the value of money, strong minded, passionate, trustworthy, dependable, don't stay too far willing to move, travel, will do anything to please her man..

What I offer.

I can offer stability, security, I like to try new things, will please a woman in anyway, don't like to argue but will agree to disagree, compromise, communicate, build trust, build together, find a way to make money, hardworking, patient, low tolerance for a lot of things. If you are interested please give us a call for a consultation.

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What am I looking for?

From Anonymous

A God fearing man with a relationship with the word of God and participates in church activities. Physical attacked to 5ft :10inch and up, Black male, well groomed, clean cut, beady eyed, hard body, nice smile, soft lips, broad built, round butt, nice front package. Natural hair acceptance, 40 to 50 age group, open to 1 child, business social with a sense of humor, goal achieving and a General Contractor, excellent with money management, a man that knows what he wants, open to playing board games and is willing to go boating, fishing and swimming. I am looking for a dreamer.

About me

Caring, Loving, Fun and Supportive .I am virtuous, 44 age, school teacher, love to cook, homemaker. I am a great catch.